Small House Plans with Garages?

If you choose a small house plan under 1000 square feet, does this mean sacrificing a garage? No! There are countless plans for small houses with garages to give you the space, security, and convenience a garage can provide. 

As you sort through your options, you’ll have important decisions to make. 

Whether you’re picking from small Craftsman house plans to small ranch house plans or anything in between, you’ll have to decide if your home will have a garage or not. Next, you’ll have to ask yourself if that garage will be attached or detached.

Getting the right information to make these decisions is critical when it comes to building your dream home.

small house plan

There isn’t one right answer for which is better  — this depends on the homeowner’s lifestyle, preferences, taste, and many other factors. Both can be aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective, and convenient options.

With that in mind, let’s go over some key considerations to help you decide whether a detached or attached garage is the best option for your home. 


If you’re building a home on a narrow lot, it may be difficult to include an attached garage in that space.  

One advantage of a detached garage is it can be built to fit into available space on the lot. But keep in mind, this may mean less room for green space.

On that same note, detached garages tend to be easier to expand if you decide you need to upgrade or you want to get more creative with the design of your garage down the road. 

Many people envision an attached garage on the side of a home, like this small house plan with a side entry garage. For a wide lot, this tends to be a more popular option. But if you have a long, narrow lot, an attached garage is still an excellent option! One way to achieve this goal is choosing from small house plans that have a garage on the back of the home, like this.


For many homeowners, the biggest advantage for building a small house plan with an attached garage is its convenience. 

With an entrance from the garage that leads right into the home, this can prove to be much more convenient than a detached garage. This is especially true in bad weather, or if you’re regularly transporting kids, pets, and groceries from your car into your home. 


An attached garage can use the same electrical and heating systems as the home whereas a detached garage will require its own source of utilities. This can be a make or break consideration for some homeowners who don’t want to pay more in utilities each month (not to mention extra hookup fees). 


The cost of building a home with an attached versus a detached garage can vary significantly. 

That being said, if you choose a plan with an attached garage, this will often cost less than building a separate garage. It may also increase property value if your home has an attached garage, so this is another consideration.

small house plan detached garage

On the other hand, a house with an attached garage may require more expensive building permits than a detached garage. But in most cases, the increased property value offsets this cost. 


If you think of a garage as “just a place to park your car,” think again! Many homeowners ultimately choose to use this space for hobbies like wood-working, storage, or other activities as opposed to just parking their vehicles in there. In that case, a detached garage might be best for your dream home. 

Why is this? 

Well, a detached garage can be a safer option if you’re going to be storing things like paint, oil, or other materials that give off hazardous fumes. Similarly, a garage used for reasons other than storing vehicles can pose a higher fire risk, in which case being separate from the home is an advantage.  

Another use for garages that is becoming increasingly popular is choosing an option with a built-in living space, perhaps for grandparents or a nanny to live. In this case, a detached garage with living space above (like this one) offers increased independence and privacy.

But let’s say vehicle storage is your primary motivating factor for wanting a garage. This comes back to convenience, as an attached garage will provide easier and faster access to your vehicles. 


Be sure to take a look at small house plans with photos of attached and detached garages to help you determine which look you prefer. Although you might be drawn to the look of one over the other, remember to keep all of the other considerations in mind, too.

Any one of these considerations could prove to be the ultimate deciding factor when you’re choosing between plans with attached or detached garages. 

No two plans are exactly alike, and the right choice is different for every homeowner.  

It will come down to what works best for your family, your budget, and your lot. But doing your research ahead of time will help make sure the house you’re building is the one you’ve always wanted — your dream home

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