Why 3 Bedroom House Plans are the Perfect Floorplan for Families

Three bedroom house plans offer the most popular floorplan layout that works best for most families’ first homes.

One of the major benefits of choosing a 3 bed houseplan is that the floorplan allows for more space to utilize as your family grows.

The flexibility of this space allows you to utilize as a bedroom, home office, kid’s playroom, mother-in-law suite, home gym, or homeschool center. The usage can change over time to provide the functionalities that are most needed at that time of your life.

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If you're planning to build a house for yourself, one of the most important questions to answer is how many rooms you will need. You have to consider the size of your family, and will you have friends and other family members stay over? Do you have a hobby that you need extra space for? Will you be spending most of your hours at home because of a work-from-home setup?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then there is no question having a three-bedroom home is more beneficial for you than any other smaller ones.

Here are the other benefits of building a three-bedroom house:

More Space for Entertaining Family and Friends

HPG-1600C - 3 Bedroom Home Plan

If you have a three-bedroom house, organizing rooms will be easier. You only have to change the layout of the furniture, add some home decor, and voila! You've got yourself space for welcoming your visitors. Choosing a smaller house may only mean running out of space to accommodate friends and family.

While we don't encourage accumulating stuff you don't need, sometimes you can't help but gather memorabilia. Over the years, it's most likely that you've gathered an impressive collection of furniture, paintings, lamps, clothes, and many other objects. With a three-bedroom house, you will be glad to have enough space to house all of these things.

Extra Space for a Home Office

Work-from-home is the work arrangement of the future. But, with the internet and, along with it, the rise of cutting-edge communication tools, being present at your work site to attain "better" productivity is already a thing of the past (except for some industries, of course).

With that, you will probably spend more time at home than away. This means you will have to dedicate a portion of your home real estate for productivity-related tasks. After all, you can't have a zoom meeting while someone's cooking in the background, right? An extra bedroom can easily be converted into a home office or a study space for your kids (who're also probably studying from home). Hence, a three-bedroom house is a necessity at this point.

Additional Space for Your Hobbies and Recreational Activities

The extra room in your house can be used for other purposes too. For example, you can convert it into an entertainment space or set up a home cinema. Alternatively, you can use it as a home gym. That way, you no longer have to bother going out and have a gym membership you only use once a year anyway. You can also use it as a library, art room, or collector's corner. Your imagination is the only limit.

Why Choose a 3 Bedroom House Plan

There are numerous benefits of choosing a three-bedroom house if your budget permits. Investment-wise, numbers show that three-bedroom houses have a better return on investment than smaller houses, so if you outgrow your current three-bedroom house, you can rest assured that you will still get something out of it.

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