Cottage House Plans

Cottage house plans offer endless charm and all the curb appeal you could ever want in a home. Our collection of cottage house plans include one and two-story options, as well as homes with attached garages. 

Common features in cottage style homes include woodsy elements that give them the fairy-tale inspired look they’re known for. Some of these features include bay windows, cozy porches, and shingled roofs.

Cottage plans tend to be built with views in mind, which means they’re the perfect choice for a countryside or vacation home. While these homes tend to be on the smaller side, small cottage house plans still offer plenty of functionality and comfort at the same time. 

Cottage or bungalow house plans have a personalized feel that can be hard to find in other homes. While they’re a good choice for a primary dwelling, they’re also a common pick for vacation homes or an additional living space for family members or staff. 

These homes are increasingly popular, yet so unique you never seem to see the same one twice. When you look through House Plan Gallery’s cottage house plans, you’ll see why so many people are choosing this option to create their dream home. 

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