Unique Features of Country House Plans

What makes country house plans so special? Depending on who you ask, it could be one of several things, from their welcoming exterior to their rustic appeal, comfortable design, or anywhere in between. 

Some of the words you’ll hear to describe country homes include rustic, warm, handsome, elegant, and stately. Even small country house plans can incorporate all of these elements, and a beautiful design is achieved with minimal square footage. No matter what size home you’re looking to build, a country house plan could be the way to go. 

Before we get to some of the unique elements that make country homes a popular choice, let’s go over some of the different types of country style house plans you’ll have to choose from. 

country house plans

Types of Country Homes

When you hear of country homes, it could be referring to a few different styles. This includes French country homes. Although these homes got their roots in the French countryside, French country homes are an incredibly popular option for Americans who are building their dream home. These homes are often the most spacious of the country home styles, as they are reminiscent of palatial homes used for weekend getaways by French royalty in the 18th and 19th centuries.

You may have also heard of low country house plans — these homes are built with the “low country” of South Carolina in mind rather than the French countryside. They often have added elevation as protection from the elements, along with durable metal roofs, and other features dictated by the climate. 

When country style homes were first being built in the 18th and 19th centuries, they were created using whatever materials were available to settlers, including stone, brick, and wood. Today, it’s still common to see country homes built with a variety of materials that give them a unique appearance. Using mixed materials for a home's exterior help give it the personality and appeal homeowners hope for – two qualities that country houses certainly don't lack! 

No matter what kind of simple house plans you choose, here are four unique features of these homes that help them stand out from the rest.

Curb Appeal

It’s hard to beat the curb appeal of a country house. With an inviting exterior often featuring shutters, gables, and other charming touches, it isn’t hard to see why this style is looked upon so fondly. 

Have a look at this home, for example. The curved path invites you to the home, and the expansive entryway looks similarly welcoming. The gables and pillars are standard features of this home style, and further contribute to its curb appeal. 

Bringing the Outdoors In

One of the standard features of a country house plan is a porch or veranda, which is often wrap-around and it’s not uncommon to see a country house with multiple porches or verandas. 

With these covered outdoor spaces, you help bring the outdoors into your home. Whether it’s taking in a gorgeous sunset or enjoying a glass of lemonade on a rocking chair on a hot day, the front porch of a country home is one of the special elements that make these homes so appealing. 

Another way these homes help incorporate the outdoors is by how well they suit a beautiful yard. If your home is built on a lot with a lot of green space, a country house could be the perfect way to complement the greenery. Large, hanging trees shading the home only increase this charm. 


There’s something inherently nostalgic about a country home. These homes simultaneously remind you of a different era while also incorporating enough modernity to keep up with current trends. 

When you build a country style house, you can choose to incorporate more modern elements or stick to a more traditional style. Whichever way you go, you’re bound to end up with a beautiful home. 

This country house plan is called The Morgan Ridge, and it’s a perfect example of how a home can be nostalgic and modern all at once. The white picket fence and window boxes are a few touches that take you back, while the clean lines give it a modern touch. 


Even country houses on the smaller side manage to feel much bigger than they actually are. The openness of their layouts combined with their style help them feel cozy and spacious all at once. 

If you’re building a home on a large lot, a country house plan is often the best choice. This style manages to fit seamlessly into an expansive lot without competing or distracting from the landscape. 

You’ve got a lot to consider when you’re choosing a house plan. But when you go with a country house plan, you can rest assured that your home will be charming, elegant, and with enough curb appeal to make your home the envy of the whole block!

Whether you’re looking for a home with several bedrooms or just one or two, there’s a country house plan out there that’s the perfect fit, design, style, and size for you and your family. 

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