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Here Are Some Ways to Make Small House Floor Plans Work

There could be a number of reasons why people might want to build a smaller house. Perhaps that's all their budget will allow or maybe they want to have a smaller footprint for environmental reasons. Whatever the reasons, you may have to make some compromises when working with small house floor plans. Here are some ideas to make them work.

Go Without a Dining Room

While it might be great to have a separate dining room, they take up a fair amount of space. By forgoing a standalone dining room and incorporating a dining area into your kitchen or living area, you can save a significant amount of space to help make your small house plans work better.

Cut Down on the Number of Bedrooms

While it might be nice to have a guest room or a room you can use as an office, extra bedrooms take up space. Even a small bedroom can take up 150 square feet when you account for closet space. Going with the minimum amount of bedrooms you need can help to keep your floor plan as small as possible.

Reduce the Number of Full Baths

Another thing that can take up a lot of room in your home is full bathrooms. When you have to accommodate a bathtub and/or shower, it takes up extra space. There are a couple of ways to cut down on the number of bathrooms. For one, you could limit yourself to one full bath for every two people living in the home and have the other baths be half ones. You also can use a "Jack and Jill" bath that is shared between bedrooms.

When you are building with small house floor plans, you will have to make compromises and sacrifices. These are some ideas to make it work.